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An ENT physician is a medical specialist who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck, particularly the ears, nose and throat. ENT specialists are also called otolaryngologists. ENT surgery is often necessary as a treatment for conditions that affect the ear, nose or throat, when medication and other non-invasive treatments are ineffective. Otorhinolaryngology or ENT is one of the most diverse medical specialties with various sub-specialties like laryngology, paediatrics, otology, implantation otology, oncology and rhinology and sinus surgery, among others.
Diseases pertaining to the ear, nose and throat are very common and often under-treated due to a lack of awareness of the new developments in this specialty. This field has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last two decades. With the advent of better understanding and new technologies, now the patients have a cure for the otherwise thought of untreatable diseases like sinus diseases, nerve deafness ( by birth or acquired later in life) etc. The main objective of Regal Hospital is to provide high quality treatment in ENT Head Neck disorders at an affordable cost.
The department of otorhinolaryngology (ENT) at Regal Hospital offers cutting-edge treatment approaches that are in line with current best practises to address issues related to ear, nose and throat. The team of ENTdoctors at Regal Hospital delivers excellent treatments for ENT-related diseases because they are completely attentive to the needs of their patients and take a thorough approach to their care.
The department of otorhinolaryngology seeks to deliver economical treatments to the community while maintaining essential quality-ensuring factors such as safety, lifespan, and the ease with which operations may be completed in the office. It offers day care ENT operations, which allow patients to return home the same day on which they get the surgery done, as long as they have recovered from anaesthesia.

Commonly treated conditions

  • Sinus infections: Sinus infections are extremely similar to colds in that they have comparable symptoms, however the underlying cause of sinus infections is bacterial infection. Antibiotics, which destroy the bacteria, are frequently used in the treatment process.

  • Tonsillitis: Irritation in the throat is caused by this ailment. Located in the back of the throat, the tonsils are two oval-shaped structures that produce mucus. Tonsillitis, which is a frequent ailment in children, is usually caused by a bacterial infection. It can be generally treated with medication. In severe cases, a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils called the tonsillectomy may be performed.

  • Vertigo: In vertigo, it feels like the whole surrounding is moving or spinning. It is caused by inner ear diseases such as acute labyrinthitis, Ménière’s disease, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which are all treatable. Patients suffering with vertigo may also feel ringing in the ears, nausea, and vomiting. Medical and canal plugging surgery may be used to treat vertigo.

Available treatments

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