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The department of orthopaedics at Regal Hospital provides care for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions. We have a highly skilled group of orthopaedists who are capable of diagnosing and treating any orthopaedic condition. Fracture stabilisation, arthroscopy, complete joint replacement, reconstructive surgery, spine surgery, and pain management are just a few of the procedures that leading orthopaedic experts and surgeons are capable of doing.

Commonly treated conditions

  • Fracture: A fracture is a break in the bone that occurs. It includes anything from partial to total breakage. Plasters are often used in the treatment of this condition.

  • Arthritis: When you have arthritis, one or more joints become inflamed and painful. Initially, symptoms such as joint discomfort, edema, redness in the joints, soreness in the joints, fever, and lack of appetite may be present, among others. It may be treated with medicine as well as with operations such as joint repair, joint replacement surgery, and arthrodesis, among others.

  • Bursitis: It is a condition in which the bursae become inflamed. In addition to discomfort in the joints that are affected, it may cause difficulty moving, soreness in the region that has been impacted by the disease, edema, fever, loss of mobility, and redness in the joints in the afflicted area. It may be treated with medicine, arthroscopy, and physical therapy, among other methods.

  • Fibromyalgia: It is a condition that affects the soft tissues and muscles, resulting in muscular discomfort. Chronic dull bodily discomfort that lasts for more than three months, sleep difficulties, exhaustion, and cognitive deficits are all indications of this condition. The condition may be treated with medicine as well as with treatment, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counselling.

  • Kyphosis: It is a condition in which the upper back is abnormally curved, resulting in stiffness and discomfort. The condition’s additional symptoms include a rounded back look, weariness, breathing difficulties, and stiffness and pain in the back and lower back regions. Spinal fusion is a treatment that is used to treat this condition. Medication is also used to treat it.

  • Scoliosis: It is a condition in which the spine or backbone is bent sideways. It manifests itself as unequal hips, waist, or shoulders, back discomfort, leaning forward when standing, and one shoulder blade being more pronounced than the other.

Available treatments

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Dr. Devaraj B S
MBBS, D. ORTHO (Trauma Specialist)
famous urologist in bangalore
Dr. Purushotham
MBBS, MS(Orthopaedics)