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Anaesthesiology is a field of medical science that focuses on the pain management of patients before, during, and after surgery. Doctors responsible for providing anaesthesia for patients are called anaesthetists. They specialise in perioperative care, the development of an anaesthetic plan, and the administration of anaesthetics. Anesthesiologists monitor, analyse, and control the patient’s level of pain and unconsciousness throughout the operation. They also prescribe medication to help manage any pain once the patient gets home after the surgery as they are responsible for the patient’s overall health after the surgery. Post-surgery, they neutralise the effect of anaesthesia and continue to monitor and comfort the patient as they recover. Some of the subspecialties in anaesthesiology that we focus on include cardiothoracic anaesthesia, critical care anaesthesia, neurosurgical anaesthesia, obstetric anaesthesia, orthopaedic anaesthesia, pain medicine, and paediatric anaesthesia.
The department of anaesthesiology consists of a highly integrated, collaborative group of dedicated anesthesiologists who provide care to patients of all ages in a variety of surgical specialties. Our anaesthetists have received their training at some of the most reputable schools both in India and abroad. We have the most up-to-date technology for providing and monitoring anaesthesia. We are one of the key healthcare providers in Karnataka, and we provide a variety of anaesthetic techniques that result in high-quality patient care and effective surgical operations for our patients.
The department offers anaesthetic services for surgical operations, obstetrics, and some diagnostic and therapeutic treatments around the clock. In addition to caring for the intensive care unit and providing necessary critical care support to the emergency department and other related departments in the hospital, our team also provides pain relief for the mother while simultaneously managing the life functions of both her and the baby.
Our team of expert anaesthetists will examine and check you before the surgery in order to assess the state of your health and give appropriate counselling. They will also inform you of the preparatory measures that must be followed prior to any admission to the hospital. Doctors from several specialties support the consulting physician in providing post-operative care in critical care units and pain management on the wards.
Various types of pain relief offered during surgery include:
  • General anaesthesia: It is used to make the patient sleep during an operation.
  • Sedation: It is a combination of intravenous medications to keep a patient calm or unaware during surgery.
  • Regional anaesthesia: A local anaesthetic is injected near the nerves to numb the part of the body.

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Dr. Lokesh M P S
MBBS, MD(Anesthesia)
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