Dear Doctor Sir,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Doctor for his professional service with good caring and friendly approach towards the patients. I personally with my family met Doctor in his Regal Hospital and took advise based on my medical tests for Urinary Tract Infection & Prostate Gland Enlargement problem. On his suitable medical opinion, after consultation with my family got admitted on 11 Nov 2022, Fri and accepted for Operation, conducted by him on 12 Nov 2022, Sat. Procedure & Operation went on well for nearly 2 hrs by eminent Doctor Suriraju & his team of Doctors and medical services staffs. Operation Theater (OT) is well equipped with modern facility and good team of Doctors. Post Operation adequate care was given for a day at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by the team of Doctors and medical professionals, under the guidance of Dr Suriraju. Post ICU shifted to the ward and routine medical tests and checks were done with care by the respective Duty Doctors and medical staffs till the day of Discharge on 16 Nov 2022, Wed.
Dr Suriraju is well trained and highly skilled Doctor, whom I personally consider to be a godly man treating thousands of patients and relieving them from their ailments, which I have personally experienced after undergoing the medical treatment by him. I pray god to bless him with abundance of opportunity in the coming years to serve the society for the needy on time.
Dr Suriraju, has written a book “Kidney Secrets Revealed” which is very informative on medical information for a common man to understand and take precaution to be healthy.
Thank You.

R. Srinivas