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Dr. Suriraju V

Urology MD & CEO |
MBBS , MS (Gen Surgery) DNB (Urology)

Dr. Suri Raju V, successfully completed his MBBS and MS in general surgery from JJM Medical college between 1991 and 2002.After his graduation he served at the Kidwai Cancer institute.He got an opportunity to serve in Sri Satya Sai Institute as DNB graduate from the year 2004 to 2008 under the guidance of holy Sri Satya Sai Baba himself and Dr. H. Bhat

Dr Purushotham

Orthopedics |
MBBS D (Ortho) MS (Ortho)

Dr. Purushotham has previously been a professor of Orthopaedics in Ambedkar Medical college and is very well known among the teaching fraternity. He has over 21 years of experience and has successfully operated more than eight thousand minor and major trauma and emergency ortho cases.

Dr. Ashwini

Physiotherapist |
BPT, MPT (Physiotherapy)

Dr. Ashwini is a physiotherapist who is very well experienced in the field for over 15 years and has previously worked in Bahrain (Dubai). She is well known among her patients for helping them recover from many conditions that they used to struggle with.

Dr. Swarna

Dept. Nephrology |
MBBS, DCP, FRACP –Nephrology

Dr. Swarna is an Australian trained Nephrologist. She completed MBBS in year 2000, followed by Diploma in clinical Pathology in year 2005 . She then acquired FRACP nephrology from Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Her expertise include management of acute kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, peritoneal/ hemodialysis etc

Dr. Bobby Cyrriac

Dental |

Dr. Bobby Cyrriac is the Founder and Director (Dental) at Regal Hospital. With over 11 years of quality experience, he is a specialist in dental surgery. Dr. Bobby Cyrriac has performed many complicated surgeries and has previously worked at many esteemed hospitals

Dr. Abdul Hadi Sharief

Orthopedics |
MBBS . DNB (Ortho) D Ortho

Dr. Abdul Hadi Sharief has an experience of over 10 years in performing various Orthopaedic related surgeries successfully and has been well recognised for his work. His interest in the field of Orthopaedics is setting exemplary standards in the industry. Dr. Abdul Adhi Sharief is very skilful in handling critical cases that involves Trauma related cases, Onco Surgery and Paediatric Cases.

Dr. Sudhamshu Reddy

Surgeon |
MBBS, MS (General Surgery)

Dr. Sudhamshu Reddy is our well known general surgeon who has a service span of over 15 years. He has treated many challenging cases and has handled many successful Laparoscopic surgeries and GI surgery. He has previously worked at the Manipal, Mallya, Kidwai, St Johns and Columbia Asia.

Dr. Manjula S Patil

Gynecologist |

Dr. Manjula S Patil is a gynecologist who is very well experienced in the field for over 11 years. She is done many personal assistance to overcome the problems of reproductive system.

Dr. Ambrish

Diabetologist |
MBBS, MD (Fellowship in Diabetalogy)

Dr. Ambrish is our well known diabetologist who has a service span of over 6 years experience.

Dr.Mamatha Shetty


Dr.Mamatha Shetty is a gynecologist who is very well experienced in the field for over 10 years.

Dr. Chandramohan

General Medicine|

Dr. Chandramohanis our well known General Physician who has a service span of over 8 years experience.

Dr. Chetan sathish


Dr. Chidanand

ENT Specialist
MBBS ,MS, ENT(Fellowship in Rhinoplasty)

Dr.Chidanand is our well known rhinoplasty surgeon who has a service span of over 10 years experience.

Dr. Manjunath H K

MBBS ,DNB(Respiratory Diseases

Dr.Manjunath H K is a pulmonologist who has a service span of over 3 years experience.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed


Dr.Nadeem Ahmed is a dermatologist who has a service span of over 24 years experience.